How to avoid skin break out naturally?



What is a skin breakouts / acne breakouts ?

skin breakouts / acne breakouts usually caused when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Acne appears on the skin of the face and also can occur on the the shoulders, upper back and other parts of the body.


Steps to avoid, preventing Acne / skin break out

1. Feed your skin: experts have declare certain foods, like chocolate, don't cause pimples, but you should avoid greasy food and junk food and add more vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains to your diet. Avoid foods high in processed sugar and dairy products these foods usually trigger acne.

2. Keep your hands off your face: As much as possible avoid propping your chin or cheek on your hands or touching your face. You can irritate the already inflamed facial skin or spread bacteria. Do not pick or burst pimples with your fingers, as it can lead to infection and scarring.

3. Keep your face clean: It is important to wash your face twice daily to remove extra oil, impurities and dead skin cells from your skin's surface whether or not you have acne. When washing your face use warm water a mild facial cleanser. Do not use harsh soap (like deodorant body soap) it can hurt the already inflamed skin and cause more irritation. Gently wash your face with a very soft cloth or your hands. Always rinse and then dry your face with a clean towel.

4. Careful of what you put on your hair: Avoid using oils, pomades, fragrances or gels on your hair, if they get on your face, they can block your skin's pores and irritate your skin. Oily hair can add to the oil on your face, so wash your hair often using a gentle shampoo and conditioner especially if your skin is breaking out.

5. Do not Put on Facial or Clay Mask: If you have acne, do not use a facial mask, it is commonly used to exfoliate the skin and remove the surface layer of dead cells or to tighten pores. The ingredients in a facial mask may irritate acne-prone skin and cause a breakout of pimples.

6. Try over-the-counter acne product: Most over-the-counter acne product have ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, or lactic acid, which curb bacteria and dry your skin, so start with a small amount first, then you can adjust how much you use and how often.



I am sure there are more ways to aviod / prevent skin breakouts / acne breakouts but the above that I have stated are more easier and safer..

What is the Common Flu, How to Treat & Prevent it..



Common flu, also known as a cold or runny nose, is a respiratory infection of your nose and throat (upper respiratory tract). Common flu / cold can be caused by many different types of viruses and it is usually harmless, although it might not feel that way.


How does someone get the Common Flu / Cold:
It can be caught from another person who is infected with the virus. This mostly happen when you touch the surface that the germs is on, like a doorknob, computer keyboard and then touch your nose or mouth. Common Flu / Cold can also be catch if you are near someone who is sick and sneezes in the air.


Symptoms of the Common Flu / Cold:
common cold usually appear one to three days after exposure to a cold-causing virus. symptoms might vary from
person to person.

+ Nonstop Sneezing
+ Runny or stuffy nose
+ Generally feeling unwell (malaise)
+ High fever
+ Cough
+ Slight body aches or a mild headache
+ Low-grade fever
+ Mucus draining from your nose into your throat
+ Sore throat
+ Scratchy throat
+ Congestion
+ Watery eyes


Top Home Remedies for the Common Flu / Cold:

+ Eat chicken soup
+ Drink lot of fluids
+ Take vitamin C
+ Gargle with warm salt water
+ Drink Hot Liquids
+ Eat raw ginger or drink ginger tea several times a day
+ Stay Warm and get alot of Rest
+ Use Vapor Rub or Tiger Balm
+ Have Warm Baths
+ Try a neti pot
+ Blow Your Nose


How to help reduce your risk of getting the Common Flu / Cold:

1. Control your stress level. Studies have shown that persons experiencing emotional stress have weakened immune systems and are more likely to catch a cold than a calmer individuals.


2. Keep household surfaces clean such as remote controls, Door knobs, drawer pulls, light switches, telephones, counter tops, keyboards Wipe these surfaces frequently with soap and water.


3. Washing your hands often, is probably the single best way to prevent transmission of the common flu / cold. Especially after spending time in public places. Washing hands Frequently can destroy viruses that you have acquired from touching surfaces used by other persons.


4. Do not touch your face, especially the mouth, nose and eye areas, if you are around someone with a cold or have been touching surfaces in public places.



How To Know When Is The Right Time To Expand Your Business?



I am sure that most people in business at some point in time would want to increase the number of products they put out or need bigger building space to accommodate customers, these are some of the things you would face when your business is growing, but the question still is when is the right time to expand your business. Below are 8 signs that it’s time to expand your business.


1. You have more business than you can handle: Are you and your workers working what seem like 24-hour days because of high demand, this is a good sign there is room for your business to expand.

2. You are running out of room: If you are tripping over boxes stacked in hallways, your employees are sitting too close to each other cheek-to-cheek or you have to take clients to different location to have meetings because there is no room in your office, it is time to seek a larger space.

3. Customers requesting that you should grow: Are persons out of town begging you to open a location in their area? If there is a steady stream of shoppers driving from cities far away and telling you they wished they had a business like yours in their area.

4. You have positive cash flow: You can be selling high volume of product and service, but if you aren’t getting paid on time or not managing your cash flow wisely, you won't have the cash you need to fund business expansion. You need to be profitable for few years and have sufficient cash flow to carry your business through a successful expansion.

5. You see the need for related products or services: If sales of your initial product or service are strong, it could be time to add to your existing offerings. For example if you own a hair salon, you could add related services such as waxing, massage and facial.

6. Your business has been profitable for at least three years straight: If you have a recent surge in profits not necessarily enough to justify business expansion, it could be temporary. Steady profitability is a great sign you are doing something right.

7. Your plans are proven: If your current success is attributed to you setting up goals and achieving them systematically, you may be ready to take on the task of expansion. Reaching milestones on time or ahead of schedule is a good indication that your business model and planning skills are strong enough for new challenges.

8. You have a good team of employees: In order for you to handle growth your staff needs to be ready for additional work and new demands. You are going to need employees who can step up and take charge of a second location, a new product line or a big new account. If these are the kind of workers you have your chances of successful business expansion improve.



Online Safety Tips, How To Be Safe Online.



There are a lot of criminal activities that can be done online for example identity theft, some one hacking into you social media account, change your account info and post things you would not, or worst withdrawn money from your bank account. Below are some tips to stay safe online:


1. Get anti-virus software / Install a firewall

You should ensure that you have a good anti-virus software installed on your computer and be careful of what you download or install on your computer. A firewall is a good line of defense against cyber-attacks.


2. Beware of phony websites

These websites may have an URL address that is closely similar to a legitimate website, scammers are getting better at replicating websites, make sure if a website asking for personal information, you should double check the URL address and make sure it is not asking you for information it shouldn’t.


3. Guard your personal information

Do not go around posting any personal information, for example your home address, email address or mobile number publicly online. A piece of personal information can be used by a complete stranger to find out a lot about you. Posting your full date of birth online makes you more vulnerable to identity fraud.


4. Shop safely

Do not shop on a website unless it has a padlock icon to the left or right of the URL or has “https” at the start of the URL. It is advised to use a credit card instead of a debit card while shopping online because a credit card company is more likely to reimburse you for fraudulent charges.


5. Use strong passwords

Do not use password like "xyz123" that can easily be figured out, use an extremely uncrackable
password like "5*&0vxw2fgyqx#". Also it is adviced to change passwords regularly and don’t use the same passwords for critical accounts.


6. Avoid using public computers to make purchases online (internet cafe)

it is not a good idea to use a public computer to make purchases online. If you do make purchases using a public computer remember to log out of every website you log into, even if you were just checking your email.


7. Think about what you post

Be careful about sharing provocative photos, videos or intimate details online even via private emails, people can use the info against you, even those you consider as friends. Remember, once you've put a photo, video or other information of yourself online, other people may be able to view it and download it.


8. Think before you click

Do not click on links in messages from people you don’t know. These phishing emails have links that lead you to websites that can lure you to giving your personal information or download malware to your computer. Also be wary with emails from people you know if it looks suspicious because hackers can create a malicious email that look like it came from your friend email account.


9. Do not talk about sex with strangers

Be careful when communicating with people online you do not know in person, especially if the conversation starts to be about sex or physical details, Do not lead them on, you don't want to be the target of a stalker or a predator's grooming.


10. Check your settings

Use the security and privacy settings on social media websites, so that only family and friends can view your pages. Encourage family and friends to tighten their privacy settings too as they can affect you. Personal information that you share with others could still be accessed through their pages even if your account is set as private.



Simple Health Tips To Follow For 2017.


In the New Year, what is on most people New Year’s resolution list is to lose weight or to eat healthier, below are simple health tips you can start to follow to live a healthier life for the New Year and beyond.


✓ Pray
✓ Get 15-25 minutes of sunlight and fresh air daily
✓ Eat natural foods instead of processed foods whenever possible
✓ Do not consume foods and drinks made of artificial colours or sweetener
✓ Drink a lot of water
✓ Try to get at least seven hours of sleep per day
✓ Increase your fiber intake
✓ Surround yourself with loving and supportive people.
✓ Consume some honey to build up your immunity system
✓ Chew food thoroughly
✓ Cut down sugar intake
✓ Cut back on salt
✓ When you feel tired, get some rest
✓ Do not sit for a prolonged period of time. Stand and stretch
✓ Remain faithful to one sexual partner to avoid AIDS
✓ Forgive people
✓ Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day
✓ Do not sleep right after you have a meal
✓ Do not solve your emotional problems by eating more food
✓ Avoid being around negative people
✓ Get a good pair of sneakers when you are going to exercise
✓ Drink unsweetened or dilute with water Cranberry Juice
✓ To fend off colds, wash your hands regularly
✓ Find some time to meditate at least for 15 minutes
✓ Choose stairs over elevator
✓ Maintain regular vegetable intake
✓ Quit smoking
✓ Spend some alone time with yourself
✓ Think positive
✓ Do not skip breakfast
✓ Load up on vitamin C
✓ Wear UV protection shades while in contact with the sun
✓ Eat potassium-packed foods
✓ Do not over eat
✓ Consume snack consists of protein, whole grains and healthy fat
✓ Substitute some protein for more fruits and vegetables
✓ Have good posture at work
✓ Have Epsom salt baths
✓ Create a healthy weekly meal schedule
✓ Choose lean protein and low GI carbohydrates
✓ Consume probiotics
✓ Flavour dishes with herbs and spices
✓ Eat enough iron to prevent fatigue and depression
✓ Do not use plastic container to microwave foods
✓ Exercise at least 10 minutes daily


There are more healthy tips you can add to this list as you go on your quest to live a healthier life, Remember life is a gift cherish it by living healthy and remember life is more costly when you are sick so keep healthy to avoid unnecessary big spending on medication, doctors visit and medical procedure.




Reasons Why We Usually Don't Stick To Our New Year's Resolutions.


Alot of us make New Year's resolutions, and over 70 percent of us who make resolutions give up before we even get started. The previous year we made resolution and did not follow through, we usually ask our self what went wrong again, why we didn't follow through with it. Here are some reasons why people usually do not stick to their New Year's resolutions.


Your Mindset Is Wrong: Working towards getting it and wanting something are two different things. It is hard to focus on fulfilling a resolution when you are not in a good place in your life. For example you want to stop drinking Alcohol but you do not make an effort to avoid temptations, so after a week or so you relapsed into the old habits. If you aren't prepared mentally for all the hard work to quit your old habits you will most likely fail.


Give Up Too Easy: Most persons make their resolutions with a genuine belief that they can achieve them, but as soon as January ends the excitement wears off and other stuff take priorities. Keep yourself on track by reinforcing positive momentum to keep you going.


You Are Distracted Easily: Minor distractions will slow you down, the more you waste time and energy on them, the more stress it will add to your daily life. Eliminating unnecessary distractions from your daily routines will make you be able to make time for things that really matter and get you closer to fulfill the promises that you made to yourself.


Specify Desired Outcome: Maintain focus and be specific, stick only with a few of the resolutions  instead of a long list of resolutions and make sure to define them clearly. Specify what the end result would look like to you and then work backwards to establish the steps you need to make to get there.


Find Alternatives: In life Sometimes things do not always turn out as planned. So having a Plan B would be the next recommendation. Ask yourself how are you going to proceed if your priorities shift, or if you lose your motivation. When you think of these things beforehand you don’t make rash decisions under the influence of your emotions later on.


Unrealistic Resolutions: Set goals that are actually achievable in the time frame you set for yourself. for example if you think you will lose 90 pounds in two months, that is not going to happen. Pick one of the resolution you have confidence in and stick with it, It is better to be successful at a smaller, more
manageable resolution than to fail at a larger one.


Time Management: Your resolution might be a big time commitment than you would originally intended for. Instead of trying to achieve it all in one day, break it up into manageable increments. The simplest way to stay organized and clutter-free is to make it a daily habit, spare five minutes a day.


Note: Whether or not we keep our resolutions, it comes down to if we give ourselves resolutions we can stick to. Resolutions that are small in scope with realistic goals helps. Planning on how you will go about achieving the goal , track your progress and give yourself deadlines will help you to accomplish your resolutions in a realistic way.



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